While Republicans are focusing on providing pandemic relief to Americans in need, the Democrats are pushing partisan measures designed to stir up controversy.

Thanks to the leadership of NRSC Chairman Todd Young, we’ve had record fundraising and brought in $15 million in July. We are so grateful to all of our donors helping us protect our Republican Senate Majority!

Into the States!


Tommy Tuberville joined Dana Perino on Fox News to discuss college football and the importance of getting kids back to school safely. 



Martha McSally released a new video questioning why Mark Kelly is in hiding while Arizonans are waiting for answers about his far-left positions and dangerous relationship with China. 

Mark Kelly continues to cozy up to China and avoid tough questions instead of fighting for Arizona values.  


Cory Gardner’s Great American Outdoors Act was officially signed into law this month by President Trump! This historic legislation will preserve public lands for generations to come, and is just one of Cory’s critical victories for the people of Colorado. 

Cory released a new video to celebrate the Great American Outdoors Act becoming law – creating thousands of Colorado jobs and preserving our national parks for generations to enjoy. 

Coloradans know that they can always count on Cory to show up and deliver big results for them.

The NRSC released a new ad on ‘Slick Shady’ John Hickenlooper and all of his scandals. From breaking ethics laws to taking millions in secret donations, Hickenlooper simply isn’t fit to represent Coloradans. 

Coloradans know that Hickenlooper only cares about scoring points with liberal Democrat bosses, not representing Coloradans

US Rep. Lamborn called on the Department of Treasury to investigate Hickenlooper’s egregious misuse of a 9/11 economic recovery fund to pay for legal fees during his ethics trial.


David Perdue met with local business owners in Lowndes County to discuss his continued efforts to bring resources and relief to small businesses impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Kelly Loeffler visited the Georgia Cyber Center to speak with their staff about their efforts in combating the threat of cyber criminals.  

We released some new Jon Ossoff merchandise on jonossoff.com, highlighting his record of ZERO accomplishments.


In Cedar Rapids, Joni Ernst helped deliver hot meals and essentials to Iowans in need following the derecho storm. 

Joni also sat down for a roundtable discussion with addiction specialists to learn how she can continue to help Iowa combat the opioid crisis

In continuing her service to our veterans, Joni introduced legislation that will expand mental health services for veterans to make sure they get the best care America has to offer. 

Joni met with Iowans in Manchester and reminded them that too much is at stake in Iowa to risk handing the Senate Majority over to Chuck Schumer. 

Joni released a new video discussing her background growing up in Iowa, the values that define her, and why she’ll never stop fighting for the Hawkeye State. 

Theresa Greenfield scrubbed her business experience from her website after it was exposed that she had evicted small businesses to make way for large corporations.

We released a new ad reminding Iowans that the liberal mob is bankrolling Greenfield’s campaign and that she will always stand with national Democrats, not Iowans. 


Roger Marshall won the Republican Senate nomination in Kansas. Roger delivered a message of hope to Kansans and they know he will always put their values first in the US Senate.

Roger also laid out exactly what’s at stake if Kansas voters elect Chuck Schumer’s handpicked Democrat Barbara Bollier. She’s been an extreme liberal, and that will never change.


Mitch McConnell is a strong leader fighting for the needs of all Kentuckians, while his opponent focuses on catering to national Democrats. 

The CARES Act has also delivered more than $92.6 million for housing and economic development in Kentucky.

Mitch secured an additional $2 million from the CARES Act for the Transit Authority of Central Kentucky.

Mitch also announced $77,000 from the CARES Act for Kentucky fire departments. This money will aid in protecting the health and safety of Kentuckians and first responders. 

Kentucky small businesses, farmers, and nonprofits have received more than $5.3 billion in assistance, including over 49,000 PPP loans.

Kentucky families have also received more than $3.2 billion in Economic Impact Payments from the U.S. Treasury.


Susan Collins is calling on the Senate to pass additional Coronavirus relief measures to ensure the health and economic wellbeing of Maine families and small businesses.

Susan announced $4 million to help combat the opioid crisis in Maine by expanding access to prevention, treatment, and recovery resources.  

This month, Susan received endorsements from Former President George W. Bush and the NFIB.

We released a new ad in Maine reminding Mainers that Sara Gideon is a hypocrite – claiming to believe all women, but ignoring accusations of sexual assault against one of her Democrat colleagues.

Gideon also attacked the Paycheck Protection Program while her own husband was benefiting from it. The legislation, authored by Susan Collins, saved thousands of small businesses and jobs in Maine.


John James secured the Republican Senate nomination in Michigan! He has a strong passion for serving the Great Lake State and will take that same leadership and energy to the US Senate.


We congratulated Jason Lewis on winning the Republican Senate nomination in Minnesota!

Jason hosted a “Back the Blue” town hall meeting to show his support for fully funding our law enforcement to protect Minnesotans. 

Jason also received a nod from President Trump at the President’s rally in Mankato. President Trump and the people of Minnesota know that Jason will be a strong addition to the Republican Majority in the Senate.


Thanks to Steve Daines’ leadership, the Great American Outdoors Act has been signed into law.

Steve met with conservation groups to celebrate the historic Great American Outdoors Act that will permanently fund the LWCF and benefit all Montanans.

Steve also introduced new legislation to prioritize forest management and increase wildfire preparedness and response. 

Steve released this new ad featuring his two daughters speaking about their father’s unwavering dedication to the state of Montana. 

Steve reminded Montanans that they are his top priority, while Steve Bullock wants to raise their taxes and serve his liberal party bosses.

We released a new ad in Montana highlighting how Steve Bullock exploited Montana taxpayers and put himself and his family over hardworking Montanans.

When it came to providing stimulus relief for Montana, Bullock prioritized his wealthy donor friends over struggling Montana businesses and families.

Before Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama coaxed Bullock into running, Bullock admitted multiple times that he wasn’t interested in the Senate. Now Montanans know why. 

While serving as Governor, Bullock solicited Chinese investments for his campaign donor’s project, proving to Montanans he has no problem selling out to China just like his party bosses.

Bullock claims he’s a moderate, but calls himself a ‘Proud Progressive” who supported impeachment and wants to increase taxes on working families.

New Mexico

Mark Ronchetti released a new ad detailing how he will work to always defend New Mexico and New Mexico values.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis laid out exactly what’s at stake for North Carolina in November, and how a Chuck Schumer and Cal Cunningham liberal takeover would mean undoing our economic recovery and progress.

Thom met with the Logistics Company, a veteran-owned small business, for a roundtable discussion on the Paycheck Protection Program and how he has continued to serve the needs of North Carolina’s small businesses. 

While Thom worked to pass the PPP that sent money and resources to North Carolina families and small businesses, Cal Cunningham criticized the program, even though his company took money from it. 

We released a new video, “Cal’s Pals,” to remind North Carolinians that Cunningham is more loyal to his socialist Washington friends than he ever will be to North Carolina.

A WFAE fact-check confirmed for North Carolinians that Cunningham voted to raise taxes by a billion dollars.

After we released an ad exposing Cunningham’s support for higher taxes, Cunningham doubled down and reiterated that he’s “proud” of his vote to hike taxes by $1 billion in the midst of a recession.

Cal Cunningham only looks out for himself, and North Carolinians can’t trust him. 


We congratulated Bill Hagerty on winning the Republican Senate nomination in Tennessee. We know he will always put Tennesseans first. 


John Cornyn visited Hendrick Medical Center this month to thank front-line workers for their efforts to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. 

John also visited an East Texas food bank to thank workers and discuss the impact of CARES Act funding had on the food bank. This funding helped the food bank continue to serve 3.6 million meals and retain their employees. 

Thanks to John’s work to pass the CARES Act, Texas college students like Emily Sterling are reaping the benefits of the funding that’s provided WiFi across campus for online learning and socially distant learning environments. 


We congratulated Cynthia Lummis on her Republican Senate primary victory in Wyoming! We know that she will be a strong, conservative leader in the US Senate. 


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