Thursday, Senator Kamala Harris, one of the leaders of the resistance movement, sent an email telling donors that the resistance “hinges” on Senator Claire McCaskill’s victory in 2018.

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We’re sure the resistance would love to see Sen. McCaskill continue to represent the anti-Trump movement but not so sure Missourians feel the same, seeing as President Donald Trump carried Missouri by almost twenty points.

Sen. McCaskill seems more interested in representing Sen. Harris’ constituents than hard-working Missouri families.

But Sen. Harris isn’t the only California liberal who has taken notice of Sen. McCaskill’s far left antics. Sen. McCaskill caught the eye of Kim Kardashian on the same day:

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The reality TV star doesn’t have much in common with Missouri at all considering she supported Hillary Clinton for president.

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She does have quite a lot in common with Sen. McCaskill, however: two wealthy Hillary supporters who love warm weather.

KimK Money

We know California won’t be happy when Sen. McCaskill loses in 2018…

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But Missouri will be happy to have a senator who actually represents their interests.

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