Fellow conservative,

I’ve watched as the Democrats have completely surrendered to the most radical, socialist wing of their party. Yet, the party of “progressive change” has chosen Sleepy Joe Biden as their nominee.

HERE’S THE REALITY: Liberals aren’t actually united when it comes to Biden. The time for conservatives to act on their weaknesses is now!  We need your help to do it.

We don’t have a lot of time – the deadline for my dad’s Senate allies to reach their August fundraising goal is just 2 days away. They need our help to post a HUGE fundraising month to make up for being outraised by MILLIONS.

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It’s clear as day. Democrats can’t decide if they want AOC and her squad calling the shots, or if they’ll revert to the status quo with Biden at the helm. The radical left is exposed, and this is our moment to take action! Help us keep strong conservatives in the Senate by rushing resources now. Your support before 11:59PM will go 5x as far so act now!

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Donald Trump Jr.


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