Last Spring, Joe Biden said Andrew Cuomo’s COVID-19 response was “the gold standard,” all while Cuomo was covering up the number of nursing home deaths in his state, a direct result of his disastrous policies.

Even after overwhelming evidence was revealed and the FBI opened an investigation into Cuomo’s coverup, Joe Biden STILL refuses to condemn Andrew Cuomo.

Yesterday, when asked about Joe Biden’s “gold standard” comment, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to condemn Andrew Cuomo’s deadly coverup saying “he plays an important role” in Joe Biden’s coronavirus plan:

Jon Karl (ABC): “Does President Biden still consider Andrew Cuomo the gold standard when it comes to leadership on the pandemic?”

Jen Psaki: “We work with Governor Cuomo just like we work with governors across the country. He’s also chair of the NGA, so he plays an important role in ensuring that we’re coordinating closely and getting assistance out to people of his state and to states across the country. And we’ll continue to do that.”

This comes just a few weeks after Senate Democrats voted UNANIMOUSLY against common-sense accountability for Cuomo’s coverup.

Will vulnerable Senate Democrats like Raphael Warnock, Mark Kelly, Catherine Cortez Masto, Michael Bennet and Maggie Hassan continue to remain silent on Cuomo’s coverup and the Biden Administration’s refusal to condemn Cuomo’s disastrous handling of the COVID crisis?


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