Senator Bill Nelson announced today that he will join the Democrats’ filibuster and vote no on Judge Neil Gorsuch. This move by Nelson shows that he is basing this decision solely on politics and not on the qualifications of Judge Gorsuch.

In the past, Nelson thought nominees deserved an up or down vote. Remember, in 2006, Nelson voted for cloture to end the filibuster on Judge Alito’s nomination. The same year, Nelson joined his Senate colleagues to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit in a unanimous vote. Clearly Nelson has been in Washington way too long and is forgetting he represents Florida, not Washington liberals.

“Senator Bill Nelson proved to Floridians today that he no longer shares their values, and instead is more politically aligned with the liberal elite of Washington,” said Katie Martin, NRSC Communications Director. “Nelson has been in Washington too long and his move to ignore the will of voters in Florida will cost him his job in 2018.”

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