Washington, D.C. – Something isn’t adding up, and it’s not the science behind reopening schools. It’s the sudden need for additional funding to help reopen schools…

“Many of them [schools] need funding because they don’t have additional funding in their budgets to be able to do that [reopen].” – Jen PsakiFebruary 21

“We want as many kids to be back in school as possible.  For that to happen, it takes some money.”  – Nancy PelosiFebruary 18

FACT CHECK: Reopening schools has nothing to do with additional funding. The truth is, of the $68 billion that Congress appropriated for K-12 schools in 2020, only $4 billion has been spent!

Additionally, according to the Congressional Budget Office, President Biden’s “COVID relief” bill would distribute only $6.4 billion to K-12 schools this year. The remaining $122 billion would be spent between the years of 2022 and 2028.

Meanwhile, at our southern border, the Biden administration can’t seem to muster the funds to patch a gaping hole in the border fencing, costing more resources and putting Americans at risk.

Statement from NRSC Chairman, Senator Rick Scott: “The Democrats are throwing every excuse against the wall, hoping it will keep the unions off their back and keep their campaign contributions flowing.  The Biden Administration and Senate Democrats are using America’s children as leverage to get hundreds of billions in unrelated funding that has nothing to do with reopening schools. Meanwhile, children are suffering, and parents are fed up. Senate Democrats should stop this charade to get money to their political cronies and stop using students and families as political pawns.”


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