Amnesty Without Border Security Fuels A Never-Ending Cycle of Illegal Immigration

Washington, D.C. – Along with radical Democrats in the Senate, the Biden-Harris Administration is today unveiling a plan to give amnesty to eleven million illegal immigrants without any attempt whatsoever to secure the border. This announcement comes on the heels of sweeping executive orders from the administration that are creating a crisis at our Southern border.

As Axios confirms, “The legislation notably does not include specific funds for border security enhancements.”

Today, National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott issued the following statement slamming the amnesty and open borders plan unveiled by Senate Democrats and the Biden-Harris Administration:

“Senate Democrats have embraced the Biden-Harris immigration plan of amnesty and open borders. Granting amnesty to eleven million illegal immigrants, on a timeline quicker than any major legislation offered in recent history, without including any funding whatsoever to enhance border security is reckless and would fuel a never-ending cycle of illegal immigration. It would also hurt the millions of legal immigrants working their way through the legal immigration process. This is an unserious proposal that reflects how far left Senate Democrats have gone on the issue of immigration. Senate Republicans will not hesitate to share with the American people exactly how the Democrats’ open borders, amnesty proposal will put their families at-risk.”


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