Washington, D.C. – Senate Democrats have remained completely silent on reopening schools, choosing to cower to the teachers unions that fund their campaigns rather than fight for students across the country.

Democrats said on the campaign trail that scientists and Center for Disease Control (CDC) officials should make the determination on how and when America’s children should return to school. After numerous scientific studies, over $80 billion invested into making schools safer, and clear guidance from CDC officials, the answer is clear: the time to return to school is now.

When given an opportunity to put their money where their mouth is, Senate Democrats have gone mute.

Watch the 15 second version here.

The ads will target Senators WarnockKellyCortez MastoBennetDuckworth and Hassan.

Statement from NRSC Chairman, Senator Rick Scott: “So much for ‘following the science.’ Classrooms are among the safest places in the country for children and teachers and the consequences of keeping children away from in-person learning are incalculable. In the face of overwhelming evidence, Senate Democrats refuse to take a stand against the union bosses and support reopening our schools. They’ve gone completely mute. The question every American should be asking is, ‘why does our Senator fight for teachers unions instead of our kids?’” 


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