This week, Senate Democrats introduced their radical amnesty and open borders plan while staying silent on reopening schools.

Highlights from the Democrats’ awful week:

  • Chuck Schumer started the week sprinting… again. This time, instead of sprinting to the left, he ran away from reporters asking questions about Cuomo’s deadly nursing home coverup.
  • The Biden Administration forgot to read the talking points from their bosses in the teachers unions and couldn’t get their story straight on reopening schools.
  • Despite clear evidence that it is safe to open schools, Senate Democrats still refuse to fight for American students out of fear of the special interest groups that fund their campaigns.
  • Senate Democrats proved they’re more focused on opening the border than opening schools when they introduced their amnesty and open border plan.
  • The plan is so radical, some Democrats warned Joe Biden that it is a “recipe for disaster.” Nevertheless, Biden immediately endorsed it.
  • Joe Biden said the quiet part out loud: He admitted that any criticism of China shouldn’t be taken seriously because, behind closed doors, Biden and China’s Communist leader are going to be good friends.

This week, Joe Biden and Senate Democrats made it clear: they want the borders open and the schools closed. When will vulnerable Senators like Raphael Warnock, Mark Kelly, Catherine Cortez Masto, Michael Bennet and Maggie Hassan finally stop cowering in fear of special interest groups and stand up for our students? We won’t hold our breath.


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