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How desperate is the White House to maintain control of the Senate? Desperate enough to reduce the President to trolling.

As Major Garrett explained, the President is purposefully overstating his case (and in some cases lying). He knows that it will create controversy.

CBS Political Director John Dickerson breaks it down: the President is trolling.

"Under this approach, a president wants the fact-checkers to call him out (again and again) because that hubbub keeps the issue in the news, which is good for promoting the issue to the public. It is the political equivalent of there is no such thing as bad publicity."
Put another way,

"Obama’s twist is a new, higher order of deception: creating the controversy for the purposes of milking it."
Deception isn't a word that most would want associated with them, yet President Obama's team thrives and depends on it.

Bill Murphy | April 17, 2014 |

Embattled Senator Mary Landrieu made her acting debut yesterday in an ad designed to show her fighting against the unpopular Obama Administration. As CNN's John King explained, "Not everything you see is real."

He's right.

Senator Landrieu actually did a dramatic reading of a past committee hearing in a fake committee room featuring her "outraged" questioning of a fake witness. The fake hearing was then seemingly covered by a fake television broadcast all within the all too real television ad. Folks, you really can't make it up. Some PR experts made suggestions.

Bill Murphy | April 16, 2014 |

Did Mary Landrieu's new ad seem a bit fishy to you?

You may have wondered why you never saw this "television" clip above. That's because it was fake.

Mary Landrieu decided it would be best to show how hard she was fighting for Louisiana families by acting out a committee hearing.

I'm not joking. Everything was "hilariously" recreated. Even Landrieu's dramatic reading was redone to show her so-called outrage.

But what you haven't heard today is that this isn't Mary Landrieu's first time trying her hand in the acting game. Check out the five performances you may have missed over the years:

Bill Murphy | April 15, 2014 |
A new report by KSTP (Minneapolis/St. Paul) acknowledged that keeping Minnesota Democrats like Al Franken in office will be a “big challenge” come November.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul newscast detailed that a new poll shows a clear majority disapproves of President Obama and Larry Jacobs from the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs noted that Franken’s ties to the unpopular President are “possibly fatal.”

KSTP reports that the last thing Franken needs is a “drag on his re-election bid” like President Obama.

This will likely send shockwaves through the Franken campaign. After all, Al Franken has been one of President Obama’s most loyal proxies in the Senate – voting a perfect 100% of the time with Obama. And, while Al Franken celebrates Tax Day, it’s worth highlighting his record as a tax-and-spend liberal. Franken has even gone so far as to vote for ObamaCare, which included a wildly unpopular 2.3% medical device tax. When given the opportunity, Franken doubled down voting NO on an amendment to remove the tax.

Brook Hougesen | April 15, 2014 |

There's a lot being written today about how Mary Landrieu actually did a dramatic reading for a fake committee hearing in a fake committee room featuring her "outraged" questioning of a fake witness before the fake committee. The fake hearing was then seemingly covered by a fake TV broadcast all within the same television ad.

Putting aside the desperation of a sitting Senator actually trying to act out this scene, our friends at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee are quoted saying that no one is challenging the substance of the Landrieu ad.

Please allow us to directly challenge the substance of the ad.

Brad Dayspring | April 15, 2014 |
This past weekend, the people of Colorado nominated Cory Gardner to be their candidate for the United States Senate. He rocked the arena!

Check out our latest video, highlighting his nomination and be sure to share with your family and friends.
Matt Lira | April 15, 2014 |
If you are a Democrat, you are probably already celebrating Tax Day. It's a day that liberals in Washington have circled on their calendar. For the rest of us, today feels more a root canal than a holiday.

Every year, on April 15th, Democrats are able to see all their hard work pay off for their their big spending ways. It's when millions of working Americans send their income tax to Uncle Sam.

Of course, your income isn't the only part of your life the Democrats want to tax. Some would say that given the opportunity, there isn't anything you do that the Democrats won't tax.

Here's a list of the 10 worst tax offenses by Democrats running for Senate this year:

Bill Murphy | April 15, 2014 |
Chuck Schumer promised after Obamacare was signed into law that the more that people learned about it, the more popular it would become.

He accused those who warned that some would lose preferred doctors and insurance plans of lying. He predicted that by November 2010,

"those who voted for health care will find it an asset, those who voted against it will find it a liability.”
Democrats went on to lose a net 63 seats in the House and six seats in the Senate.

Bill Murphy | April 14, 2014 |

Democrats will try to claim that Secretary Sebelius' resignation is a sign that Obamacare has won.

No seriously, they will.

Back on planet Earth, progressives like Rachel Maddow can see the writing on the wall. Maddow was so upset that she compared the resignation to a victorious sports team that “stops halfway through their victory lap to fire the coach.”


Putting aside the sports analogy, Maddow's broader point seems spot on. The confirmation process is likely to focus on all the Obamacare related disasters over the last several years. From the broken promises to its failed implementation. From the real number of enrollees to unilateral decisions by the Administration to delay the most painful aspects of the law.

Bill Murphy | April 11, 2014 |
A new poll has been released by Opinion Research Associates. It is pure hogwash.

The poll supposedly shows Mark Pryor leading challenger Tom Cotton by ten points, but a deeper dive into the topline tells a different story. This race remains a dead heat for all intents and purposes.

First, the partisan make-up of the poll is wildly off base when compared to any other public polling done this year in Arkansas or to the 2010 exit polls. This ORA instrument (which has only 400 respondents collected over a relatively long time period of a week), is 33% Democrat and only 21% Republican. In 2010, Democrats had only a five point advantage on Election Day (34% D – 29% R), and other public polls are around this range (D+3, D+4, D+5).

A seven-point difference on the ballot would put the head-to-head well within this polls substantial (+/-5%) margin of error. A statistical tie.

Ward Baker | April 10, 2014 |
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Paid for by the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. www.NRSC.org