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Former Senate Majority Leaders Bob Dole and Trent Lott commended Senator Mitch McConnell for his strong work in the position and his ability to get things done.

Dole and Lott wrote in the Wall Street Journal:

It is a relief to see an institution that we both devoted so much of our lives to working again. And it is an encouraging development for the country to see the Senate addressing big problems after years of inaction when it was controlled by Democrats.

In only six months, the progress has been dramatic. Committees are up and running. Senators in both parties are debating and amending bills. Since January, the Senate has passed 30 bipartisan bills, a feat that required skillful leadership and real consensus-building. Not only is legislation now passing, bills are actually making their way to the president’s desk.
Specifically, they pointed to Sen. McConnell's leadership on supporting our troops:

This month the Senate turned to the annual appropriations bills six months earlier than in recent congresses. And the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) made it to the Senate floor after intense scrutiny from both parties in committee and an overwhelming bipartisan committee vote of approval that foreshadowed a robust debate on the floor.

Indeed, the Senate considered more amendments on this year’s NDAA, passed with a significant bipartisan vote last week, than it had during debates over the same bill in the past two years.
Looking forward, Sen. McConnell will be continuing this effective leadership.

At Mr. McConnell’s urging, the Senate is also poised to act on a cybersecurity bill that both parties recognize is needed at a moment when large security breaches are becoming increasingly common. A major rewrite of No Child Left Behind is also on the docket, as well as a number of other bipartisan measures now working through committee.
Sen. McConnell's bipartisan work has created an active, more efficient Senate.

In a time of Democratic control of the White House and increased polarization between the parties, Mr. McConnell has shown real skill in securing bipartisan support to get bills over the 60-vote hurdle necessary for passage.

There was never a lot that a Republican-led Senate would be able to agree on with President Obama, but Mr. McConnell has been wise to identify the handful of matters where agreement is possible, and he has been tenacious in ensuring that the legislation earned bipartisan support. He said his Senate would focus on results, and it has. That’s a sign of real progress—not only for the public but for our politics as well.
With the Republican majority, the Senate is on track and working hard for Americans.
NRSC | June 24, 2015 |

Great news in Pennsylvania: A new Quinnipiac Poll shows Senator Pat Toomey leading his opponent, Joe Sestak 47% to 36%.

PoliticsPA reports:

Senator Toomey leads 2010 opponent Joe Sestak 47% to 36% in the latest survey.

Toomey has the advantage among independents, men and even women (by a single point).
He also has a massive lead over his other potential opponent Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski. Toomey is ahead of Pawlowski, 52% to 28%.
PoliticsPA continued:

Meanwhile, 47% of respondents have a favorable opinion of the Senator against 24% that have an unfavorable view and 28% who haven’t heard enough.

These are the best numbers Toomey has ever received in a Quinnipiac poll on this question.

Sestak, on the other hand, has a 26/15 favorable/unfavorable split with 58% not having heard enough about him.
Step aside, Joe Sestak. Senator Pat Toomey is bringing his A-game this election cycle and he's ready to win.
NRSC | June 22, 2015 |

Senator Rob Portman’s campaign released a two-minute video showing his dedication to protecting blue-collar jobs in Ohio; most notably the 125 jobs he saved in Canton.

Portman not only stopped a big business takeover, he also saved hard-working families the stress of having to look for a new job. After defending the company that many have worked at for decades, Gregory Industries' employees praise Senator Portman saying,

We were dead in the water if Senator Portman hadn’t jumped in and helped us out, we didn’t have the resources to go in and change things.

He’s a guy that listens to people, stands up for the employees of Ohio and tries to protect jobs in the state of Ohio. He’s just a good guy.

It was great to see, he saved us and if it wasn’t for him we would not be here. Senator Portman is the reason why we’re standing here today
Senator Portman responded to the many thanks by stating,

I was elected to defend Ohio jobs and solve problems, and when you see something wrong, you need to step in and fight to fix it right away.

While these 100 jobs might not have meant much to people in Washington D.C., they meant a lot to Canton and to those workers and their families. I will continue to stand up for Ohio jobs and fight hard for Ohio workers.
The commitment that Senator Portman displays to small businesses in Ohio gives many family-owned company owners a peace of mind that there is someone in Washington looking out for them.
NRSC | June 18, 2015 |
WASHINGTON – Today, the NRSC released a new web video highlighting how the Republican majority in the Senate is working hard everyday for our veterans despite Senate Democrats saying it is a “waste of time.”

The video, featuring Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa), details what the new Republican Senate majority has achieved on behalf of veterans and recommits the majority to working hard everyday to achieve even more for the brave men and women who have served in uniform.

“Senate Republicans are working hard everyday to ensure our veterans receive the benefits and care they have earned,” said NRSC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek. “It’s shameful to see Senate Democrats use veterans as political pawns in their partisan game to increase funding for the IRS. Americans know that we owe our freedom to our veterans and it’s time Democrats started acting that way.”


Democratic Leaders Are Threatening To Block Bills To Fund The Government, Including Funding For Defense And Veterans.
“To maintain their leverage, Democrats have decided to block all spending bills starting with the defense appropriations measure headed to the floor next week. Durbin told reporters on Tuesday that there is also no ruling out a blockade of program authorizations, like upcoming votes on highway funding. … Schumer, joined by Reid and Senate Minority Whip Richard J. Durbin, (D-Ill.), set out in recent days to rebound from weeks of party division over White House-backed trade legislation to sell the image of Democrats as a single, unbreakable force. He said his colleagues are resolute and will not buckle when Republicans soon test their unity by bringing up for votes popular defense and veterans spending bills.” (Kelsey Snell and Paul Kane, “Democrats Prepare For Filibuster Summer,” The Washington Post, 6/10/15)

“Senate Democratic leaders say they will block the defense appropriations bill from coming to the floor this month unless there is a deal to lift ceilings on government spending known as the sequester.” (“Senate Democrats Vow To Block Defense Spending Bill,” The Hill, 6/4/15)

SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): “Republicans should be absolutely crystal clear about one thing: Democrats will not vote to put a defense appropriations bill on the floor.” (“Senate Democrats Vow To Block Defense spending Bill,” The Hill, 6/4/15)

“This year's bill includes a pay raise for the troops and a long-awaited 401(k) program for service members who serve fewer than 20 years—that is, most of them. … The contingency funds, ironically, give President Obama his exact budget request for the troops. The president is threatening to veto the bill anyway…” (“Democrats Will Protest Defense Bill Amid GOP Attacks,” National Journal, 6/14/2015)
NRSC | June 18, 2015 |
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