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A new ccAdvertising poll has good news for Terri Lynn land.

Her campaign released a statement in response to the poll, which has her ahead by a point:

Terri Lynn Land is gaining in the polls and closing the gap despite the fact that national liberal groups are dumping millions of dollars to prop up their hypocrite candidate, Congressman Gary Peters. Voters trust Terri Lynn Land because they know her, appreciate the important reforms she put in place as Secretary of State, and support her plan to put Michigan First.
Jennifer Rubin highlighted Land's impressive candidacy in The Washington Post today:

But keep an eye on Michigan where in a blue state GOP candidate Terri Lynn Land is in a statistical tie with Rep. Gary Peters (D-Mich.). ... she has stayed on offense, run her race on bread and butter issues, and seized the populist mantle in the race.
You can learn more about Land's strong campaign here.

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Michael Lehmann | September 30, 2014 |

In 2008, Al Franken told Minnesotans what he'd do in the Senate.

In 2014, it's clear that he's let them down in at least five different ways:


Claim: "I think the job of a senator from Minnesota is to exercise independent judgment, and that's what I'm going to do."

Reality: Franken has voted with President Obama a staggering 97 percent of the time.


Claim: "If you want to put an end to this war, and make sure that when our veterans come home they are honored with the proper health care and benefits, then I ask for your vote."

Reality: Six years later, the VA scandal exploded. Just last week, the Merced (California) Sun-Star reported a tragic Minnesota example of this scandal:

The Department of Veterans Affairs said Tuesday it will investigate allegations that the appointment records of a retired Marine who died after having seizures were falsified to cover up delays in patient care at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System.

Claim: Franken said that he supports Obama's health care program.

Reality: Franken voted for Obamacare, which forced 146,000 Minnesotans to purchase new — and often more expensive — health care plans.


Claim: Franken said that he didn't want to leave his kids "an enormous burden of debt."

Reality: Since Franken became a senator, unsustainable federal budgets have caused the national debt to soar — it's up more than $7 trillion under him and President Obama.


Promise: "I will work to make sure that the taxpayers' dollars are taken care of, and that there's good stewardship in Washington."

Reality: Franken voted for the stimulus, billions of dollars in wasteful earmarks, and hundreds of billions more in discretionary spending.

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Tim Cameron | September 30, 2014 |

From the first of September through Election Day, Democratic Senate candidates and their allies are poised to outspend Republicans in battleground races across the map.

This spending advantage includes Michigan ($5+ million), Colorado ($4 million), North Carolina ($4.5 million), Virginia ($3.5 million), Minnesota ($2 million), New Hampshire ($1.7 million), and Iowa ($1.6 million). Despite that spending disparity, and the barrage of some of the nastiest negative ads in recent memory, our candidates continue to fight back. They are in a position to win each of these races — especially if the spending gap shrinks.

Meanwhile, NRSC released new ads in three key battleground races today. Check 'em out:


Mark Pryor hasn't changed Washington; Washington changed him. Pryor campaigned on a balanced budget in 2002, he voted against a balanced budget amendment and has helped add $12 trillion to our debt. He supported a new energy tax and crippling new regulations that hurt Arkansas farmers and middle class families. After 12 years in Washington, Mark Pryor has lost his way ... It’s time for him to come home.


There have been no shortage of complaints (from Democrats) about Mark Udall's single-issue, negative campaign — that the very top of the DSCC has controlled. With America’s national security threatened and facing the threat of Islamic extremists, Mark Udall is asleep at the wheel. He even boasted recently that "ISIL does not present an imminent threat to this nation." Really? Can we take that chance?


Kay Hagan just isn't getting it done in Washington. Many women can't think of a single thing she's accomplished in five years. As one says, "She is a nice woman, but she is not an effective senator." The contrast in this race is plain and simple: "Kay Hagan talks, Thom Tillis does."

There are 35 days to go until the 2015 Senate majority is determined. Republicans are poised to fire Harry Reid and lead the Senate.

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Tim Cameron | September 30, 2014 |

Photo credit: Roger H. Goun (Creative Commons Attribution License)

Today, Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) will "proudly" stand side-by-side with former President Bill Clinton. It's worth noting that it wasn't that long ago that Kay Hagan was actually embarrassed to appear next to President Clinton. In fact, she even argued with reporters, pleading with them to not publish a photo of her and the president.

In 1998, Hagan insisted that a News and Record reporter "do something" about a photograph of her and Clinton. When asked about her objection, the News and Record reported interesting details:

Hagan said she was worried about the impression her proximity to the Clinton portrait might leave on voters. "I'm saying publishing this picture would imply that I stand by or condone the president's conduct and that would be a misrepresentation of my position," she said.

Fast forward to 2014. Today's photo op between Kay Hagan and Bill Clinton now has the makings of an awkward situation. Does Kay Hagan suddenly "condone the president's conduct" when it comes to women? Or will Hagan compromise her views and embrace President Clinton's conduct?

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NRSC | September 29, 2014 |
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