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Photo credit: Marc Nozell

The Union Leader reports that the New Hampshire Republican Party requested Maggie Hassan's travel records:

The New Hampshire Republican Party filed another right-to-know request Monday for Gov. Maggie Hassan’s out-of-state travel records, this time for the month of February. ... Republicans claim Hassan is trying to use the corner office as a “stepping stone” to the U.S. Senate, as Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Horn calls it.
The Union Leader features Horn's criticism of Hassan:

“Granite Staters have a right to know how often their governor is shirking the responsibilities of her office in order to advance her career,” Horn wrote in her request. “They also deserve a full-time executive in the corner office, not an absentee governor who has been dishonest about her political intentions.”
This issue is just one more headache for Hassan's Senate hopes. For more on Maggie Hassan's real priority, her Senate campaign, click here.

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NRSC | March 03, 2015 |

The Hill reports that after Sen. Barbara Mikulski's retirement, the race to replace the Democrat is already on.

Sen. Barbara Mikulski’s (D-Md.) surprise retirement announcement Monday sets off a mad scramble among Maryland Democrats for the wide-open contest.

“It will be a complete unleashing of decades of built-up bottlenecking in the Maryland political system,” predicted Andrew Platt, a Democratic strategist who’s worked in the state.
National Journal also summarizes the mayhem well:

Maryland Democrats have about 12 months to accomplish something they put off for nearly 30 years: finding a logical successor to Barbara Mikulski.

The longtime senator's sudden and unexpected announcement Monday that she would retire has the party bracing for a chaotic primary to replace her, with up to a dozen candidates seriously considering a bid and no obvious front-runner to anoint.
With this kind of free-for-all, Maryland could now be in play for Republicans.

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NRSC | March 03, 2015 |

The Washington Post reports that some Democrats skipped Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks to Congress:

The decision by House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) to have Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deliver a speech on his nation’s security to a joint assembly of Congress on Tuesday has put some Hill Democrats in a political bind.

The big question for many is whether it is riskier to be viewed as condoning an effort to undercut President Obama on foreign policy or to be seen as bucking a politically potent ally — one whose support has long been a matter of bipartisan accord.
Some Democrats skipped Netanyahu's speech because Speaker Boehner, not President Obama, arranged for the Congressional address. Other Democrats skipped the speech because Netanyahu is in the midst of his re-election campaign.

You can weigh in on this controversy. Sign the petition below, and tell President Obama to stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu.

You can also watch Prime Minister Netanyahu's address below.

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NRSC | March 03, 2015 |

Photo credit: Pat Toomey Facebook profile

Pittsburgh's TribLive.com reports that Sen. Pat Toomey is fighting for our veterans:

The Department of Veterans Affairs is failing to make enough rural health care available to veterans who live far from VA medical centers, a breakdown that violates the intent of a 2014 federal law, more than two dozen senators say.

They helped pass the Veterans Choice, Access and Accountability Act, meant in part to improve health care access for veterans who live more than 40 miles from VA facilities or who must wait more than a month for VA care.
Toomey reiterated his commitment to veterans, and promised to fight for them to get the health care they need:

“We need to make it easier, not more difficult, for veterans to get the care they need and earned, regardless of whether they live in a rural area or a big city. I am going to continue to press the VA to ensure that this happens,” Toomey, R-Lehigh Valley, said in a statement to the Tribune-Review.
You can read the full story here.

As Stuart Rothenberg writes, Toomey is a strong candidate. More important, though, he cares and fights for all Pennsylvanians.

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NRSC | March 02, 2015 |
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