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Condoleezza Rice, former U.S. secretary of state, praised Dan Sullivan in a new ad:

Dan Sullivan's extensive national security experience will make our country safer. After 9/11, Dan left his home in Alaska to help fight the war on terror, working with me in the White House, and in the State Department — and deploying to the Middle East as a Marine. These are challenging times. America needs Dan Sullivan.
You can learn more about Sullivan's surging campaign here.

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Tim Cameron | October 23, 2014 |
How do you know when Jeanne Shaheen is panicked? When she’s forced to directly lie about her own record to Granite Staters.

During the debate last night, Scott Brown discussed the importance of nuclear power – mentioning that Senator Shaheen opposed it. An exasperated Shaheen threw her arms in the air and was adamant that she didn’t oppose nuclear power.

It was an odd response, considering her opposition to Seabrook in the mid-1980’s. Don’t take our word for it, take Jeanne Shaheen’s. In 1986, she told UPI that nuclear power “is not a safe way to generate power.” (“Nuclear Power Campaign Issue In New Hampshire,” United Press International, 10/11/86). Here’s Jeanne Shaheen on video in 1987 arguing against nuclear power:

In addition to lying, Senator Shaheen seemed completely unprepared on several topics, most notably on Ebola. Shaheen has been under fire for flip-flopping on a travel ban, but tonight revealed just how unprepared she is on the issue, curiously calling Ebola is a “new” disease. Yet the first documented cases of Ebola occurred in 1976, when the original “Rocky” was a top box office film. OOPS…

Jeanne Shaheen’s debate performance last night revealed a Senator on the verge of losing her seat, failing to be the strong, independent voice she has promised to be. As Politico reported , Scott Brown has all the momentum in this race.
Brook Hougesen | October 22, 2014 |

Check out some photos of Bill Cassidy on the campaign trail in Louisiana!

Early voting begins today! Click here to learn more about voting early.

Learn more about Cassidy's campaign here.

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Tim Cameron | October 21, 2014 |

Two weeks after insisting that his policies were on the ballot, President Obama tossed another hot potato to Democrats. The president told Al Sharpton that the same candidates running away from him "are all folks who vote with me" and "have supported my agenda."

As Politico's Ben White tweeted, "Obama could speed things up by just showing up at the NRSC and cutting these spots himself."

The DSCC is rightfully panicked that the president's approval numbers have dropped across the board. The Obama administration’s response to the Ebola virus has been roundly criticized as inept. One of Harry Reid's former advisors told the Washington Post that the administration's handling of Ebola feeds the "narrative that Democrats don't know how to govern and government is too large."

Meanwhile, Democratic senators and candidates have nothing to offer on the Ebola epidemic. Several of them, like Kay Hagan and Jeanne Shaheen, have flip-flopped. Others are completely silent. Will a single Democrat on the ballot argue that a partisan Washington lobbyist like Ron Klain is the best choice for White House Ebola Czar?

The administration’s clumsy and slow response to Ebola has exposed Democratic senators and candidates' refusal (or inability) to stand up to President Obama. It also reveals a lack of judgment and independence — even on matters of public health and safety.

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Tim Cameron | October 21, 2014 |
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